Glow Sticks – Bathtime Fun

I spotted a bargain out at the shops the other day that I thought I’d share with you all. I remembering reading somewhere that those glow strips you can get, are great fun for kids in the bath – especially with the light switched off! So when I saw them for 89p for a pack of 20 I decided to give them a go in Bs bath tonight.

You bring them a light by bending and shaking them, and they come in 5 great neon colours. Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink & Green. With the lights turned out they really add a great element of fun to bath time. I don’t know how long they stay a light as B has taken them to bed, but I’m sure they’ll be finished with by the morning.

I think these are a great little stocking filler and will certainly be buying some more.


5 thoughts on “Glow Sticks – Bathtime Fun

  1. I put these in Moo’s party bags last year and they were a big hit! I didn’t think they would be any good in the bath though, will have to try this next time I see some!

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