I love spotting a bargain and can’t help but share them with my friends and family! So if I see something worth telling you about, I’ll be sure to post it here –

I don’t think many people know about the Mothercare Outlet that features on their website. I’ve just taken a look a the Toys section and there are some great buys on there. Some for under £5 include:

Lift out fish puzzle

dw_badge_template2_new (1)    

Foam pirate sword & hook


Mothercare Bear

dw_badge_template2_new (2)]

They also have a maternity clothes section too!

As always ELC have super offers on most of time – but there 50% deal is really great on these bigger toys. If you’re lucky to get an extra 25% off using codes you can find online then you’re on to a winner!

£140 down to £70 is a huge saving on such a fantastic toy.

I think this would last children for years to come!!!!

£30 down to £15

Includes toaster, coffee machine, crockery & toast and egg!!!


One thought on “BARGAINS/DEALS

  1. Hi, I have enjoyed browsing your site today. I think it’s really wonderful that mum’s can connect and share their experiences and knowledge this way. Thanks so much for sharing! I am a mum of 2 currently running a Children’s online boutique shop. I found this post and wanted to perhaps benefit readers from a sale that I am currently having on Children’s clothing and accessories.

    I’d like to share my site if I may? Its here: Children’s clothing Thanks so much for sharing!

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