Super Service Online –

Back in September, after lots of researching and umming and ahhhing, I finally decided which play kitchen I wanted to buy B for xmas. The reason it took me so long, was because I wanted to invest in a good quality, wooden kitchen that will last for years and years and will also look nice as part of our furniture (since we can’t take it down and put it away).

So I finally decided on the KidKraft Let’s Cook Together Wooden Kitchen. It’s bright and colourful and perfect for little girls and boys. Kids Playstore online seemed to have the best price, so I bit the bullet and bought it 3 mths before xmas. I was chuffed with my good deal and happy that his main gift was all sorted and out the way.

So today I was telling a friend about my choice and went to send her the link to the KidKraft website, when I saw the kitchen has been reduced by nearly £10 and was also offering an extra 20% OFF! I was gutted as I’m such a bargain hunter and thought I’d done so well in getting it early to avoid disapointment. I understand it’s purely bad luck but, I still decided to email them about my frustration.

Within 2 hrs they had replied via email and offered to refund me the difference of £30. I was gobsmacked and totally elated. I honestly never expected a reply, let alone a refund.  I’m not expecting this to happen every time I see a price has been reduced and it wouldn’t be fair to companies trying to run a business, but on a large item like this I think it demonstrates super customer service. And in return I will obviously be telling all my followers about their goodwill. At a time when pursestrings are tight and purchases have to be considered at length, I feel very lucky.

Now don’t all rush to ask for refunds after reading this, otherwise I might be given a bad name! haha


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