Bouncy Trampoline Fun

Like many families with children, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a trampoline for B to play on in the garden. In the area we live in, it is hard to go past many houses without seeing kids jumping high above the fences. They are so popular these days, and the prices have certainly come down compared to 9-10 years ago when my younger sister was bought one. We were offered one from Big Game Hunters to review and I jumped (see what I did there!) at the chance to try it out and see how B liked it. He has been on a few before but having his own available to play on whenever he wants will be something I thought he’d love.

We have a 10ft Skyhigh Plus with safety enclosure, which personally I feel is very important, especially at a young age. It means he has the freedom to play without me having to stand watching, nervously worrying in case he falls off. It was delivered very quickly and arrived cleverly packed. I couldn’t imagine how it had all fitted in so tightly. It took two grown men to assemble it and was done in about 30-45mins. I’m not sure it was something I could have done without lots of help, so bare in mind if you’re planning on buying one.

Once assembled I just had to have a go with B and we spent ages jumping and bouncing around the huge 10ft space. It felt so secure and safe I was very happy to leave him to play alone whilst I got on with the gardening. The enclosure has fasteners to keep the opening shut and B knows not to try to get out with mine or daddy’s help.

trampoline 2

The pads protect you from the edges/springs are a dark green colour which matches the enclosure poles and these provide a nice soft cushion for any falls and bumps. The actually ‘bounciness’ (is that even a word?) is super. You can jump really high without much effort at all. I’m convincing myself I will use it in summer to help keep fit.

With the recent nice weather we have had, B has used it to take his toy cars and figures onto and has sat playing comfortably away from the damp grass. I intend to use it for picnics too. It’s nice to think we will use it for more than just the intended purpose.

I just know B will get years of use out of this trampoline, and hopefully it will stand the test of time. The quality of this item is exceptional and I have no doubt it will last very well. Extra items like ladders and covers are available to enhance the trampoline and I can see that these would be very popular.

The staff at Big Game Hunters have been more than helpful when asking questions about suitability etc. I would recommend them to my friends with children as the service and advice they provide won’t compare to purchases from the large supermarket chains.

We can’t wait for the summer months to arrive so we can start making the most of our new garden toy!

See the selection they have to offer at:


We received this item free of charge for the purpose of this review but our opinions are completely our own.


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