Magic Moves

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We’ve been having lots of fun at home recently, pretending to be different animals and objects and moving around the living room like crazy people. I try not to worry that the neighbours outside might see me, as this is all about B having a good time and using his imagination. I’m trying to turn the TV off when we’re at home so he can do more active and concentrated play. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the TV and it comes in handy on more than one occasion during the day, but it’s all too easy to turn it on automatically and then it ends up staying on.

We’ve had the help of the Magic Moves electronic wand, which is a great new educational toy. You basically press the play button and it tells you a command like, “Grow…. like a flower” or “Gallop…. like a Zebra” it then plays music to help you move in such a way. It has about 90 different physical commands in total and some surprise random tunes with twinkling lights which gives a welcomed break (for me anyway phew). The wand has a light up star and ball at either end which makes it feel magical when pretending to play. You can press repeat to hear the command again or wait for the next one to come on. B has loved holding it and listening to what it says. He doesn’t always manage to understand the voice, so I have to repeat it for him. However it is aimed at 3-7 years so I’m sure this will become easier for him in time.

It’s easy to use and portable to take anywhere. It has 2 volume settings which I can confirm is needed as times! I love that it helps kids to use their imagination and get creative. As well as being physically active and helping with lots of development skills. Listening being one that B could do with some practice with!  I can see this being a big hit when we have other children round to play.

Magic Moves is running a Facebook competition right now, so if you fancy getting your hands on ones of these just click here to be in with a chance.

We received this item free of charge for the purpose of this review but our opinions are completely our own.


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