Toys! What to buy for birthdays & Christmas

I love looking at the current new toys on the market. But equally enjoy hunting down old classics and timeless wooden toys. B has a real mix of  both of these. When is comes to Christmas and birthdays, I try to give ideas to family & friends (should they want it!) as it can be hard for those who don’t kids to know what they might benefit from or be into.

I worked out in B’s 2 yrs that there are some keys toys that come up time and time again for kids presents – these are some of my favs I thought I’d share these with you:-

Cars, bikes & trikes, slides, sand & water table, ride on toys, Mega Blocks, rocking horses, & books are always good and take kids right through till 4-5yrs old. Small world toys, like ELC Happy Land, Playmobil & Fisher price are great sets to keep adding to and again last a long time.

Role play toys are important for children’s development. Play Kitchens and all the wonderful accessories that go with them are lovely and are loved by both little boys and girls. I’m a big fan wooden play food and utensils. It is more expensive but  much more durable.

Remember to shop around too, online discounts can be huge at times. Go see the item in a store, then when your happy search for it online for a bargain!

There are loads more ideas out there, so leave me a comment with your favs and what your little one is having for Christmas.

Happy Shopping!!!



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