Play It Safe

With us not having such a great Summer, weather-wise I feel disappointed that we’ve not been able to spend as much time playing and exploring outside as I would have liked. I try to encourage B to be outside as much as possible as I don’t want him getting too used to TV’s, DVDs and virtual entertainment. It worries me that kids nowadays spend less and less time playing in the great outdoors. Whether it be country parks, beaches, exploring woods or simply in the back garden.

Kids seem to be more relaxed and less whiney when they’ve been out in the fresh air too, don’t you think? Over the Summer I tried to get out every day for at least some fresh air. It made the time when we needed to be inside much more manageable. Everyone knows days when you’re cooped up inside are hard work!

The ‘Play It Safe’ campaign is promoting the importance of getting kids back to playing outside, but also making parents aware of the safety side too. Parents are fearful of the dangers in the current world, compared to when they were kids and it seems kids are being allowed to play out less and less. We just need to be sensible and safety conscious and then put trust in our kids. Teach them the basics in road safety, ensure helmets are worn for bikes and scooters. Supervise small children at first until you feel confident of their safety knowledge.

There is no reason kids shouldn’t be able to play outside more – whether it be outside their house on a quiet street or in the local park. Encourage and help your kids be safe and help them enjoy the great outdoors!!

Read more here: Play it Safe


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