Potty Training Decisions

I guess this question has been asked a million times before and I have read loads of stuff to help me with the actual process. I just can’t decide whether to bite the bullet and give it a go or to keep waiting. (The longer we wait the easier it will be?)

Also is it best to use a potty or to go straight to using the toilet? I’ve had conflicting ideas on this debate, and again just can’t decide what to do for the best. His nursery has started putting him on the potty already (thanks for asking me about that one!) but he doesn’t actually do anything in said potty. We’ve bought a story book, big boy pants as well as a potty and toilet seat with step. We’re all prepared for the start, but it’s just to know when to give it a go!

For those who don’t know, B turned 2 in July so I know he is still relatively young to become dry. We only know 2 friends who have passed the challenge so far. If anyone has any advice or tips then please feel free to comment. I’ll probably be none the wiser but would appreciate the support!


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