Feeling Christmassy already!!!

I know, I know it’s still September so I really shouldn’t be allowed to feel remotely Christmassy, but I just can’t help it. Usually I feel the need to wait till after mine and my husbands birthdays (end of Oct & beginning of Nov) before I can mentally start preparing but this year I am all upside down and under-way already!!! eeeek

I’m trying to decide where we will spend the actual day, making lots of lists of what people might want as well as asking relatives if they fancy anything particular. Planning Christmassy days out with friends and family and even buying some little presents to send to Santa 😉

If fairness I haven’t got that far, since I only started this week, but I blame my eagerness on the cold weather and the fact I have had to put the heating on twice this week so far! I also did a little shopping for winter  woolies which has made me feel all cozy and ready for winter.

I have always loved to be organised and I hate that feeling when you’ve got a few last-minute presents to buy that are the hardest to find. So this year I am determined to get ahead and therefore enjoy the last weeks leading up to xmas with my family.


One thought on “Feeling Christmassy already!!!

  1. It’s never too early to start thinking (better to get meaningful things at Xmas). My little one is due on New Years Day, so I have to be really organised with Xmas shopping (but also be super flexible/have no plans for Xmas and New Year)

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