Soft Play – safe & affordable

Recently I’ve been taking B to lots of soft play centres – he’s really at the age now where he can enjoy climbing, sliding and running about. And doing it at these places makes is safe for him and calm  and relaxing for me to watch him. Usually from a distance with a cup of tea or hot chocolate!

We don’t always go to huge soft play centres as these can get expensive if you go regularly and then have to buy food and drinks etc. (many don’t let you take your own snacks in for the kids) but we have a small area within the Westfield Shopping Centre that is free to use. It’s only small and they will be probably only last 15-20min in there I guess, but it’s so useful if they need to burn off some energy and let off steam. Once they’re tired-out you can then carry on with a bit of shopping and they seem to cope a bit better in the pushchair. We go there nearly every time we head into town and B think it’s a treat. It’s also perfect if you’re shopping as a family and you can leave the husband in there too!

We have family gym membership (since the wedding I never use it!) and they also have a larger soft play area with climbing frame and slide etc. As we are paying a ridiculous amount each month, for usually only 1 swim, I have starting taken B there for an hr of play. Again its not massive but keeps him active for a good 60mins and he can interact with other little people. Wish I’d used it earlier to be honest and got my moneys worth.

I’d realised recently that the times B is most tricky is when he is bored and maybe we’ve not gone far or done much. So I’m trying now to keep him busier, especially with active play, as I’m sure, with him being a boy he needs to be climbing and jumping at some point during the day!

So my tip for little boys is keep them busy and use all the free facilities you can!!!


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