Cobwebs Everywhere!

Random post I know, but is anyone else finding spider webs all over their garden? I’m getting sick of brushing past and discovering them on bushes, the fence, the gate, B’s toys not to mention the BBQ!  I keep brushing them away with the broom but 2 days later they’re back –  I know they’ve as much right to be there as us, but the sheer volume of them is freaking me out! Is it to do with the weather or something? I feel like every time the sun comes out, we dart outside to the garden to make the most of it,  but I end up spending all my time cleaning stuff, so we can enjoy being out there.

Rant over I think.


3 thoughts on “Cobwebs Everywhere!

    • I know, you have to try not to pass your fears onto them don’t you. B hasn’t noticed them yet thank goodness! Just got in from doing the shopping and one wandered
      right past me in the hall – big one too! ugh

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