Mothercare Vio 3-Wheeler Stroller

We’ve had this stroller for almost a year now – bought due to our other breaking and Mothercare very kindly let us pick a new one as ours was still under warranty. I looked into what was available at the time and decided to put a bit of cash towards this slightly better one. The 3 wheels makes it much easier to steer then the 4 wheel we had previously. Especially if you only have 1 free hand from time to time!

The compact fold is excellent, it is as small as an umbrella-style stroller, although it collapses differently. It is light and makes taking it in and out of the car very easy. B is very comfortable in it and it will last him another year should he still need it. (he’d be 3 then) The fabric is easy to wipe down and has a slight cushioned seat liner which can be removed if need be. We’ve left it in for comfort so far.

The shopping basket is small, but what you’d expect for a stroller. If fits the rain cover in which is important. The handles are adjustable in height which is a nice extra. We’ve had hardly any problems with this stroller and I really wish I’d bought it earlier on. The break is the only thing that can be a little temperamental at times. It can get stuck and lock whilst pushing, but is easily is sorted.

I was told that this model is exactly the same as the Petite Star Via model. The colours seem to be the only difference in them. And with it being an own brand it is cheaper.


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