Pizza Express – Piccolo Menu

After a recent family Friday night meal at Pizza Express in Derby I felt I should let fellow parents out there know (those who don’t already) how good the Piccolo Menu – for kids, is! As a couple we’ve always enjoyed meals at Pizza Express. It’s easy, affordable and damn tasty. But this was the first time we’ve been with B, so I’d never looked through the kids menu till now.

So it costs £6.45, but includes the starter – Baked dough balls with garlic butter and tiny side salad. Main – 5 Pizza choices and 3 pastas dishes. Dessert – 5 again to pick from. And then the cutest extra,  the Bambinoccino – a tiny cup of frothy milk, sprinkled with cocoa – B felt so very special drinking it. And even though a lot ended up down his front, he definitly enjoyed the grown-up experience.

It was really good value for the whole meal and the service, on a Friday early evening (6pm) was impeccable. Very attentive to our needs and our waiter gave B lots of attention which he loved. Crayons etc to keep him entertained. Our pushchair was wheeled away to the back of the restaurant for us and then brought back when we needed it, ready to leave.

If you get the time of day right, it is very suitable for families and we really felt liked we’d all enjoyed a proper evening out. We will be going back for sure, and with so many choices on the menu (for us and the kids) it’s not going to get boring.


One thought on “Pizza Express – Piccolo Menu

  1. Shane looks as though he’s enjoying this as much as Bailey! Seem to remember one of Baileys first trips out to Pizza Express when he was only weeks old and the help and the attention we had was great.

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