Free things to do with kids

It can get expensive taking little ones out all the time. Soft play centres, groups, swimming lessons etc all come at a price. So you need to mix up the activities with cheap or better still free ideas. Some are so simple you forget how much fun they can be!

Getting outside is the easiest why to entertain kids, but we need the sunshine, or at least no rain. On those rare days, head out and explore the garden or park. B is at the age where wandering about and looking at different flowers or insects is very appealing. We collect things in his little bucket too. Watering the plants (or usually the lawn) is another favourite – only I have to keep filling up the watering can every 2 mins! Pavement chalks are fun and can be easily washed away with the hose.

Inside activities include building dens with blankets and chairs or even just with cushions! Kids love to be covered in them and then jump out at you. Try and re-arrange their toys and put some away for a while then replace with ones they’ve not used for a while. kids get bored with things so easily. Colouring, play-doh and sticking are great if you are doing it with them. B is into sticker books at the moment and can sit for ages picking them off then putting in various places – they’re usually cheap as well.

We’ve tried baking a few times but I think he’s too young to be interested and concentrate. We do make pretend cakes though with his sand & water table. Not very tasty though!

Check out your local library as they normally offer free sessions for kids, with singing, story time some times even making things. Very useful on rainy days and you can usually just turn up.

Anyone got any favourites to share with us?


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