The Midwives: Make Me a Midwife

I tuned into BBC2 again last night and yet again was glued to the 60 mins of The Midwives documentary. I don’t know what it is about these shows but I just find them so fascinating. I had even decided by the end of the programme that I definitely wanted to train and become a Midwife myself! Probably a bit irrational at 10pm at night and I’m having 2nd thoughts this morning! ha

This week they focused on students going through their training at St Marys in Manchester and getting the much needed hands-on experience. How daunting must that be. The 1st internal examination, 1st actual delivery, 1st everything!! It showed, just how much hard work it must be, as there is no rehearsal for these ladies in labour it’s the real deal and the students have to make them feel just as safe and in control as a qualified, 5yrs experienced Midwife.

I don’t know how I would feel if I was asked if a student could carry out examinations on me. If I’m honest it would be un-nerving and would be easier to just say, no I’d rather they didn’t. And then expect someone else to let them practice on them. But they have to learn some how and a trained Midwife is always there with them mentoring them. I guess it’s more scary when they are just newly qualified and left alone for that 1st time. Just like Jess last night, she coped very well though. I liked her.

So did anyone else see it and what did you all think?


7 thoughts on “The Midwives: Make Me a Midwife

  1. I find these programmes really over-whelming and emotional to watch so am avoiding it, I don’t know why. Everytime I’ve watched OBEM I’ve sobbed the whole way through.

    I had to go to hospital with suspected pre-eclampsia a few days before James was born and was treated by a student midwife then. Normally I would have been nervous about that but, being so overdue, huge and worried, I really didn’t care. The student who looked after me was outstanding, she was so friendly and professional and really helped me.

    About a week later, after having James, she came up to the ard to look for me, having seen on the system that I was still in, and spent some time with me because I was really weepy. How lovely! Out of the many, many midwives I saw, she was by far the best…maybe being new to it all meant she was more enthusiastic and maybe she didn’t have as much work as the other midwives so was able to go that extra bit for patients!


    You’d make a wondeful midwife Louisa! Don’t write these desires off! xx

    • That’s a positive way of looking at it Em, I guess they will be more attentive and careful. They wouldn’t have gone into that profession otherwise would they. With all these lovely comments maybe I should look into it more! ha

  2. Hi Louisa, love the blog and had to comment on this post; I had a student midwife deliver Rose and she was amazing!!!!!! I was lucky enough to have her deliver Ruby too, now fully qualified and still fantastic.

    When i finished my nurse training, i had the option of staying at uni for another year to study midwifery, but needed the money, so took a nursing post instead, i do regret this when i watch programmes like this one! If you have the opportunity to train as a midwife then go for it, you only live once! Or, have you considered health visiting, this is the area i’m in now and it seemes like you’d be a natural. X

    • Thanks for your comments Josie. How wonderful that you had the same midwife deliver both your babies! We should all have more trust and faith in these students really shouldn’t we. I’ve only started to become so interested in pregnancy and birth since having Bailey. I’d love to do a job I really enjoy and have a passion for. The only thing that puts me off is the length of training especially now I have a child of my own. Maybe Health Visiting would be more suitable. Did you go back to work after Rose?

      • yeah, i went back part time! Would love to be a full time mummy but needed the money, and although it was gut wrenchingly hard at first, it was nice to be out and about for a few days, although i actually spend most my days at work assessing children and babies…the irony! Did you go back? X

      • No I’ve been a full-time Mum since going on Maternity leave as it coincided with redundancy – I have looked into courses already since all these comments and will be attending at Open Day in November to find out a bit more about it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Yay!!! Let me know how it goes…healthcare careers are the best there is, especially ones working with children!!! I love my job, only thing i would change is i’d like it to be term time only so when girls are in school i can have hols at same time. Ditched shifts long ago.

    Good luck. Have probably got some books from my training somewhere, you can have them if you decide to do it. X

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