Terrible Two’s! or Maybe not?

Before B turned 2 he’d already started with the little tantrums, refusing to go to sleep at night and general bossiness. Everyone said “that’s the terrible two’s “and I was dreading it to be honest. He’s a  strong minded little guy and so it doesn’t take much to go from happy and playing to crying and rolling round the floor!

He turned 2 a month ago today. And I will probably jinxs this now, but he is just being adorable at the moment. Don’t even know when the last tantrum was. He is being so affectionate and cuddly. Giving lots of kisses to me and his Daddy. His Talking has come on lots and generally just won’t shut up. It just seems it’s all falling into place for him at the moment. He must be less frustrated now he can communicate better.

We’ve changed a few bits of his routine too, which has definitely helped. We are now able to all eat dinner together at the later time of 6:30pm. We then goes upstairs at 7pm for bath and stories and he doesn’t come back downstairs again (we should have probably done this earlier) By 8pm we say goodnight and close the door and he hops into bed. He’s always been happy to be put to bed awake which is great for us.

Your hear so many parents moaning about the terrible two’s stage and don’t get me wrong I feel we’ve had a big enough taste of it (even if it was before he turned 2) and it is worth a rant, but I just want to acknowledge the positives of toddlers too. The happiness and joy they can bring when they are being well behaved obviously outweighs all those awful screaming fits!


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