Maternity Clothes

Recently a friend of mine asked my advice on maternity clothes and where to get nice ones from,  so I thought I should pass on my tips and have put a little post together for you all.

As I was pregnant during the Summer months I felt lucky that I would get to wear long vests, floaty tops and summery dresses. Ideally with items that would be stylish for anyone (whether they’re pregnant or not).  I can imagine the winter mths are harder with lots of layers, tights and big coats.

I purchased some good quality basics, like vests in black and white. Black leggings. And a pair of fitted jeans. But other than that I got away with normal types of clothes that were just styled correctly and sometimes 1 size bigger. Maxi dresses were a life saver for me. They were (and still are) in fashion, so found loads I liked at good prices. They were so comfortable and I could dress them up with long necklaces.

H&M, River Island, Topshop, New Look & George @ASDA were all good choices I found on the high st that were good value. Although most stores now stock small maternity collections. I found it was a case of picking the best bits from each shop as opposed to one particular shop having loads I liked. On-line stockist are worth a look too. Especially if they offer free delivery, get stuff sent to your home, try it all on and then send it back if it’s no good. Jo Jo Maman  Bebe, Mamas & Papas, Mothercare are all good but a little more expensive.

Bare in mind that your feet will increase in size too so shoe shopping might have to be on the cards too! Flips Flops are best if it is Summer. If it’s Winter you may have to stick to wearing just a couple of pairs of shoes/boots. (unless you’re happy to spend a small fortune on lots of pairs) Sometimes your feet stay a size bigger too! Im now a 6 instead of a 5 and lots of my heels don’t fit anymore.

I love this top from George @ASDA  –

Happy Shopping!!!


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