Private Baby Scans – a must!

My hubby and I were desperate to have our 20 wk scan. After the dating scan at 12wks, we just wanted to see our baby more and more and it felt like an age to have to wait till 20 wks. We were also very keen to find out the sex so that we didn’t have to keep searching for a boys and girls names, as this was becoming a struggle for us. I was sure our baby was a boy. Literally the weekend before we were due to have the scan we had a leaflet put through our door advertising 4D scans as well as gender scans amongst many others. Crazy as it now seems, we called up and managed to get booked in for that Sunday afternoon. 1 day before we would find out through the NHS! It may seem silly but it was one of the best things we did.We got to spend 30 mins watching our ‘boy’ (I knew it!) on a projector screen on the wall. The Sonographer spent quality time showing us things we wouldn’t have probably noticed or had the chance to see through the regular scan. Of course the NHS scans are still vital and this doesn’t replace those. Just look as this as bonus extra peek at your little one.

We also paid to have it all captured onto a DVD, which we then showed to and bored all our family with! It’s an amazing keep sake to have and I hope one day B will watch it with us.

I cannot recommend it enough and will definitely do it again – The fact we found out the gender 1 day early was irrelevant in the end, But the fact we got lots of pics and a live video of him moving is magical.

In fact I’m going to go and watch it again right now!


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