The Midwives: Delivering Under Pressure

I’ve just seen a new programme that’s starting tomorrow evening at 9pm on BBC2. It follows the midwives on the Central Delivery Unit at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Manchester – one of the busiest labour wards in the country and one of my options for delivery. These midwives have to work out how best to look after each mum and her baby, whilst juggling the resources of a modern hospital.

Midwife Gill mans the triage desk, assessing the women who demand to be admitted. She has to decide who’s in labour: who to admit and who to send home. For those who loved ‘One Born Every Minute’, I’m expecting this to be along the same lines.

I love these types of documentary shows, as much now as when I was pregnant and felt I needed to absorb every little piece of advice. Some people are the opposite though and find it daunting and scary to watch whilst pregnant. (I remember my midwife warning me off watching such programmes!) Let me know how you feel about them, do they help or hinder?


5 thoughts on “The Midwives: Delivering Under Pressure

  1. Having just watched the first 20minutes I have a couple of questions; Do you have to be obese to be a midwife and secondly uncaring?

    • Ah that’s a bit harsh – Who did you think was uncaring Teresa? I think Midwives need to be honest with ladies and sometimes in the condition they’re in at the time, it might be necessary to firm at times that’s all.

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