Parent & Child Parking Spaces

A heavily pregnant lady, just days from giving birth has been issued a parking ticket for parking in a Parent & Child Space in Exeter. The lady had popped to her local Boots to get some last-minute baby essentials when the parking attendant issued her a £70 fine.

I find this outrageous!! – the poor women who needed the benefit from the extra space, and after all was technically a ‘parent with child’, even though it was still in her tummy should not have to even explain herself let alone justify why she so obviously had parked there. The attendant must have been sat waiting for drivers to exit their cars so they could check if they had ‘actual’ children with them. I think he needed to use his common-sense for this one don’t you?

These spaces are for the comfort of the shopper. Larger bays to make taking children out of cars easier and safer, as well as positioned nearer the stores. I use these spaces whenever I can, especially in supermarkets when you need to maneuver an overloaded trolley. 8/10 times I will find a P&C space each week, sometimes I drive back around once but usually we get one. It makes it one less stressful thing to do that day, which is a bonus with a 2yr old toddler in tow.

I do feel cross though when I see perfectly able adults using these spaces. Usually I catch their eye when they’re walking back to their cars looking shifty. I never say anything as that’s just not ‘me’ to do so, but I do glare at them!

I didn’t know tickets could even be enforced in these spaces to be honest – I’ve never seen anyone else get one before. It would be good if stores who spot these people gave them gently reminders or stuck reminders on their windscreen though – hey maybe the trolley men could do it! Might make that suggestions to ASDA! ha


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