Down at the farm

So the weather was fab for White Post Farm on Wednesday, even caught the sun on my shoulders which are now a nice pinky colour (the only type of tan I can get) We arrived for 10:30am to a bit of a queue, but soon enough it went down and we were in the farm. We decided to head for the Fireman Sam queue straight away and B’s face when he saw him arrive was of complete shock and confusion I think. After entertaining him for 10-15mins in the queue it was our turn to meet Sam – I could hardly contain my excitement, seriously! Sad I know. Nanny was all prepped with the camera and we were good to go! B however decided he wasn’t. He gripped me so tightly, obviously a little scared at this huge Fireman standing looking at him! We managed a few pics without actual tears which is what we aimed for, so job done.

For the rest of the day we saw, baby chicks, pigs, ponies, & lamas. B doesn’t seemed too fazed by all these animals we keep seeing. He’s more interested in just playing and running away from me.  So  we tried the sit on tractors, playhouses and trampolines (which were a BIG hit). We enjoyed a picnic even though we had to share the area with Turkeys walking around us! not too keen on that part –

Overall we spent about 3.5 hrs there and it cost £9.50 for adults, FREE for under 2’s – it’s definitely a place worth checking out. Even more so if your kids actually like seeing animals! (unlike B)

I’m sure we will be visiting again since its so close to Nannies house – Overall lovely day!

Let me know if you’ve been there and what you think of it.


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