Hello and Welcome….

Just wanted to give a warm welcome to all the pregnant ladies & new Mums! (and Dads)

I hope you find my NEW blog interesting and exciting to read. You may get some tips from it, but hopefully at the least you’ll have a place to ask questions to a typical Mum. I love talking about all things, babies and children because its my main focus at this point in time.

For the last 12mths it’s been wedding planning, but now we’ve ticked that one off the list I can get back to what I enjoy the most – being a Mummy to our beautiful little boy Bailey –

So please feel free to share my blog, make comments or ask questions – I’m usually always on-line a least once a day!



4 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome….

  1. You have now put yourself forward as my guru for all things baby related! And bearing in mind I know nothing, you’re going to be a pretty busy lady!

  2. Question… Where did you find was the best place to buy maternity clothes? I went to the Trafford Centre and even there really struggled to find much at all! I just want a couple of pairs of trousers and a few basics to get me through. Luckily, recent fashion has meant I have lots of baggy tops already so not too bad on that front.

    • hmm it’s not easy – maternity collections are still not that vast or that great I found. H&M I think for basics, they do tees, vests, bump bands etc. I got a lovely pair or fitted jeans that I loved from there and wore them for a while after too. Topshop, River Island and the like have small collections in store but online for them might be better. I had a nice white vest for RI that I wore to death. George at ASDA now does Mat clothes and is inexpensive so worth a peek if you’re going nearby one. Then you’ve always got Mothercare for more sensible clothes (work trousers and dresses) I think they’re expensive though.
      I got a lot of use out of leggings in just a larger size through my pregnancy and baggier tops and shirts.
      Hope this helps!

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