Wild at heart

Had an amazing family afternoon out yesterday at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster. Its perfect for the whole family as they’re so many animals to see, lots of yummy places to eat (try the chicken nuggets, v tasty)
and generally just a lovely place to walk around. B enjoyed the freedom of running back and forwards to us,  as its all safe and covers a vast amount of land so its great for tiring them out!

There are Lions, 2 Tigers, Leopards, Camels, Zebra, Wallabies, Lemur, sheep, goat, flamingoes  – the list is endless. With many of the smaller animals you walk around with them and touch them, its just beautiful and very natural.

We were there for a safari night special event, so it was open much later then usually, they had a band playing and hog roast and to finish the evening off bangless fireworks!! its was just super we all had so much fun and more than likely burnt a few calories whilst walking round, which was a bonus.

I would definitely recommend it for a 1/2 day out – its developing and expanding all the time. I hear giraffe are coming soon too!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park


2 thoughts on “Wild at heart

  1. Me and my 6 and a half year old boy went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park yesterday for their 3rd safari night. I must say, we had an amazing time! We loved seeing all the animals in more natural like enclosures, rather than in metal cages, also how many different types of animals were living together in enclosures, like they would in the wild. My 6 year old loved the freedom and even though we got caught in a bit of a downpour, there were plenty of places to take cover. In fact, during the rain my son really enjoyed playing in the forest adventure play area as the rain wasn’t coming through the trees as fast. We enjoyed the “hog roast” they had on and afterwards the silent fireworks, which were absolutely stunning! Beautiful finish to a beautiful day. Highly recommend the Park for a great family day out and very much looking forward to going again!

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