Free Drugs

Prescriptions are free when your  pregnant and your midwife/doctor will sign a form (FW8) for you to send off that will entitle you to an expemption card. Takes about 10 days to arrive.

Carry this with you into your purse so you don’t get caught out having to pay for dental work or doctors prescriptions. It’s worth having a couple of dental check ups whilst pregnant so you can get any necessary work carried out before baby arrives. Also your gums and be affected at this time so they may start needing treatment when you’ve not needed it before.

On the 1st onsept of indegstion (which most of us experience at some point, some worse than others) head to the GP and they can prescribe a huge bottle of Gaviscon which will leave you to spend on more important things. I even got my Dr to prescribe me Bio-Oil incase I got stretch marks! Not sure all drs will do this but someone tipped me off about it and it worked for me –

Remember the expemption card is valid till your baby is 1yr old. So you can continue to use after they’ve arrived!

Bit more info here:


2 thoughts on “Free Drugs

  1. Great reminder, it took me ages to remember to use my card. Have just been to the dentist (free), received a prescription for lots of toothpaste and mouthwash (free) and booked my next check-up for just before my card expires (free)! X

    • So many people do! remember to register with an NHS dentist though, which can prove difficult in some areas (like us in Derby!) We need to find one soon!

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